No pics... and people want to see pics!!!!


Little over a week ago Ambition re-started the engines and got going again with the full-time athletes returning to base....

As the weather was still reasonably mild we had some good training last week, full length slaloms, 3 mornings of SG and some GS also. Training has been going pretty well, long hard days up on the Kitz but some good progress has been made - some sessions in the rut line have helped get the movement a body position a little better. Alex Buchanan in particular really trying to change what she is doing and seeing little improvements every day.

We split into 2 groups at the end of this week, with Ellie & Alex continuing to train (and Euan arriving) while Barney, Paul & Imi (and Roy) headed to Bormio to race in the first NJR's there. The races in Bormio have been productive - our first encounter with aggressive, man-made snow this year which has been a little bit of a shock to the system but very very good to ski/train on. The races so far have seen some positive skiing/sections from Barney & Imi, and a different approach from Paul Henderson which has been good to see. I dont like to comment too much on Roy, he knows what he needs to do and has his plan sorted with Jo & Stefan Schild in any case.

From a coaches point of view, i now have a clearer idea of what direction our training needs to go in next. Heading to races at this time of year serves that purpose as much as for the athletes own motivation to actually get to race. However, we need to train more and get the consistency and decisiveness up a peg or two rather than focusing too much on the races. We will not be racing so much in general this season - as coaches we are always thinking and learning like the athletes and we will instead look to up the standard of technical skiing. We are not there yet (it's November) but i have seen some really promising skiing so far.

Enough of that for now, im told people want to see pictures of sunny slopes and snow-men.... sadly i've been coaching (and of course working on turn-shape) so haven't had the camera out so much but will try soon ;-)