Summer Update


Well i for one am staying clear of talking about new rubbers and rimming (van talk of course) with the Ambition blog this summer, however we have had some bits and bobs going on lately so thought it was about time for a blog.

For one the May camp (yes it's June now) was awesome in a lot of ways! The snow was imense! Orginally billed as a bike camp due to normal snow conditions for that time of year, we ended up skiing a fair bit in decent conditions that seemed to resemble autumn rather than spring. As for the biking, well if it's snowing up high.......... It must be raining down low.....! A fair few days of rain meant we missed a few sessions but we still managed some good climbs and some decent miles with Ned, Anna, Kieran and Paul. I'm looking forward to the battle between Kieran and Peter some day as i'm really not sure who is better on the climbs?!!!

Meanwhile there have been a few new recruits at Ambition... More Girls in Megan Riley & Jess Anderson, also the return of a Taylor (Alice this time)!! Good ratios for Ned i guess - our resident ladies man. Not because he rocks with the women but because he has to be a ladies man else he'd literally be talking to himself. However we are also building for the future with our younger skiers, some great young boys getting involved in Tommy Dade, Lucas Henderson, Aaron Troung, Charlie Leach & Oliver Pollitt, with a few others to look at over the summer. It's great to get young athletes involved that are truly enthusiastic about skiing & ski racing, ones that care more about the snow and less about their BBM ;0)Our Mini's taster week in 2013 provided the springboard for many of these younger skiers, a project that will develop into 2014 during the quieter times at Ambition, hopefully alonside Nanostars camps - the pathway project from Ross & Holly. In the UK we have had some great times, meeting days & indoor / dry slope comps, where most of the Ambition crew are keeping their hours up on the skis. Great to see some good results and alot of fun being had. We also have our monthly challenge tasks under way - the various videos on our Facebook page showing our Messi skills! So welcome to the new guys, adios to those that have moved on, lets have a great summer of sun, snow & physical training.