Week 1 Round-up


So with the absence of Jo Ryding this camp, we have had TJ Baldwin fill in for us.... and much to my surprise.... he's pretty damn good! haha!

In all seriousness it has been great having TJ here with the team, giving the guys an insight as to the work rate required to compete and succeed - great back-up for what the other coaches are preaching too. TJ has a wealth of experience and a great way of getting his knowledge across to the Ambition athletes.

We started off the week in Moelltal whilst waiting for the heavy dump of snow that had been threatening for most of last weekend. The long drive to Moelltal was a bit of a killer but it wasnt long before we were skiing in 50cms of new snow up on Kitz. Since then it has been warm weather and clear skies every day, paving the way for the snow to harden and some great training to take place. We stayed on slalom all week, with free skiing drills all morning, then gate training all afternoon. The focus in free skiing has been on basic technique/position and the length/timing of pressure impulse as a few too many of the guys are coming in late and hard still with the pressure. The gate sessions have been based on relatively moderate difficulty courses, putting the free skiing moves into the course while using the brushes to dictate the line.

We have been leaving at 7, getting home at 5 and then heading for the gym / fitness sessions. We keep telling the guys it will be worth it when they win.... they are working damn hard in any case!!!

The boys (Euan, Paul, Barney, Ollie, Aza) are all moving forward in fitness - Aza coming back off of a knee operation but moving forward steadily, Ollie learning the ropes on the lifts while looking after his back and the other 3 in top gear pushing each other to the max. The girls (Rachelle, Vi, Imi, Alex) are also on it split between kettlebell sessions and lifts for the strength sessions, then coming together for the plyo's and core based sessions.

TJ has been running through some of his physio sessions with the guys, using some pilates and glute workouts to make sure we are using the right muscles at the right times and help avoid injury, so we have had a great balance this week.

Today sees more of the team arrive and the forecast looks clear (if a little warm) right through until Thursday. Not great for the long term but good for us to be able to train without the athlete freezing their - - - - - - - in the cold.

If you didnt manage to see the pics on our FB page www.facebook.com/AmbitionRacing then here are some of the best ones....

Still a little soft on Wednesday

Great view...

Happy Team....