What a weekend....


Old news now but what a weekend for GB skiing!!

Up early on Sunday, duvet & pillows in the lounge ready for a big chill in front of the skiing - slalom no less & it doesnt get much better than that!! Like the rest of GB skiing, we were straight onto the FISSKI live timing once the TV coverage stopped, with Fantasy Ski Racer ready in the second tab and facebook on the 3rd. I didnt have Dave in my top 10 though as the first split came in at +.10 i started to re-think that.

When Dave came through, my first reaction was to jump around like an idiot, second to get it on facebook (like the rest of GB) and lastly to wonder what bizarre thing Tristan would have done on the hill with the coaches!! I'll be interested to see Tristan's footage of the first run - that's if he didnt throw the camera down in the midst of excitement.

Now im not going to say i knew that was going to happen this race because in all honesty seeing the conditions i thought it would be near impossible to get in there, but i did have a feeling that Dave would rock the flats, the old air-thrusting working its magic. The 2nd run, to quote Dave 'i had a mistake at the start of the pitch and my balls shrank' but he made sure he finished and got a taste of his first points. Im pretty sure the whole of British skiing was bricking it as much as Dave - maybe even more!

What did i take from it all.... 3 things;

Never stop working - Dave isn't pushing for TV time, interviews, fancy haircuts or anything else. He's just got his eyes on the prize and has a coach working in the exact same direction. Dave wasn't a child prodigy, he wasn't on 50 points first year FIS, he has just grafted away and has kept working hard all the way.

Use what you have. All the people that talk about dry slope sucking, or there's no point for indoor. If you want to ski fast, go and ski train regularly, even if its on dry slope. I guarantee Dave will credit much of his speed-making on the flats to his dry slope days.

Always fight. Not so much to do with Dave but anyone watching Jens Byggmark's 2nd run would have seen a few big mistakes (see end of vid below). He could easily have come out but insetad chose to throw himself around to scrape through. He was rewarded with his first podium position since 2008.

What a lift for British Skiing and what a way to unite everyone. From the look of facebook on Sunday, that result has meant the world to our small skiing community.

Good job rocket... (didnt see you tuck through any vertically's though?)